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25 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your hours?

November 12-13: 8am-5pm

November 14-December 23rd: 9am-7pm

December 24: 9am-12pm

Thanksgiving & Christmas Day: Closed

2. Are you open all year round? 

No, we are only open from mid Nov. - Dec. 24th. The rest of the year we are getting ready for the next Christmas season :)

3. Do you allow dogs? 

Yes! We love fury friends! Also, please don't pick up after your dog, it actually fertilizes the trees :)

4. Can we bring a chain saw? 

No, for insurance and liability reasons we ask you please don't bring or use a chain saw. We have hand saws provided.

5. Do you offer wagon rides?

No, for insurance and liability reasons we are not able to provide wagon rides out to the field.

6. Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we take Visa & Mastercard. There is a $20 minimum for all card transactions as well as a 3% service fee.

If you pay cash we will pay the sales tax for you!

6. Can we pre-tag our tree & cut it down later? 

Unfortunately, due to multiple issues in the past, we are discontinuing our pre-tagging process.​ However, here is how to keep your tree fresh if you decide to cut your tree early in our season. Keep it in a cool, dark place until you are ready to put it up (north side of our garage standing up - not on concrete as it will suck out moisture, or north side of house outside in the shade. Make sure to give it a fresh cut before putting in the stand. 

7. Can I add anything to the water to make my tree grow better?

Yes The best thing to add to your water is Tree Life, which is sold right here at Aissen Tree Farm. Use warm water instead of cold.

8. Why is my tree loosing needles

There are a few reasons your tree could be loosing needles:

  • If there was not a fresh cut made before putting in the stand

  • If the water level got below the stump level and resealed itself.

  • The tree was put in a window or next to a heat source and dried it out. 

  • There was something put in the water that harmed the tree

  • The tree is dying naturally - just like all living things each tree can vary on how long it lasts 

9. How long do I have until I have to give my tree another fresh cut?

You have about 1 hour to put your tree in its stand and water it before it seals itself off and you will have to give it another cut. 

10. Do you provide hand saws, twine, and a drill for the bottom of the trees? ​

Yes we do provide handsaws​ but on very busy days you may want to bring your own. We have twine provided to tie your tree on your vehicle and have a drill for trunks that may need to be put into a tree stand with a spike. 

11. How much are your trees?

All trees are individually priced based off of species, height, fullness, and quality. The species, height, name, and price are on each individual tag. Click here for more info. on each of our trees.

12. Why do you name your trees?

We name our trees just like we all have a name as we consider them family from baby on. It also helps mark a tree when customers can't decide between two so they have a mark to remember. Customers also love to pick out names that are significant to them or maybe a lost loved one. 

13. Do you have wild trees available?

At this time we do not have any wild trees. We have planted a patch but they take anywhere from 8-12 years to grow :(

 14. Will someone help us with our tree?

Once the tree is cut and drug up to the baler, or picked out from the pre-cut tree arena, one of our helpers will shake, bale, and tie your tree on top of your vehicle for you. (Tips are appreciated but not mandatory).

15. How much does it cost to shake and bale our tree?

Shaking is free, baling is $3.00

16. Why do you only tag a certain amount of trees?

Because the trees take so long to grow (8-10 years on average), we can only allow so many to be cut in order to ensure there is a crop available for future years. Every inch of our property that is possible to grow a tree on is filled. We are expanding as our daughter and son in law purchased the property across the road and are planting several thousand more per year. 

17. Can we cut our tree after dark?

Cutting hours are 9am-4:30pm. We only allow cutting in the fields during the day time due to liability reasons, as well as several of our baby trees have been damaged as they are not seen and can easily be stepped on and broken. Our pre-cut trees are indoors and are under bright lighting for ease.

18. Can we drive in the field?

NO! Please please do NOT  drive in our fields. We have plenty of parking available. However, we do have a gravel road that goes farther back on the property for easy access. 

19. Do you allow professional photographers? 

Yes! You are welcome to come take photos here any time of the year. There is no fee, just please contact us with the date you will be coming, please do not drive in the fields, and we ask you share your photos with us on Facebook :) 


20. Do I have to worry about my tree starting on fire?

No. We don't recommend putting your tree next to a fire place as it will kill your tree from the heat. However, there is little to no evidence proving that real trees are a fire hazard. They are a living, breathing tree and when watered stay fresh in your home. It is no different than having a plant in your home. 

21. Real vs. Fake trees. 


22. I am handicapped and can't get out to the fields. Is there someone available to help me? 

There is several areas to park your vehicle where you have close access to the fields. Our fields are groomed and easy to access unless there is several inches of snow. If you are unable to get out in the fields we have hundreds precut trees available in a indoor arena. 

23. What do you do in your off season? 


24. Can I put my wreath, kissingball, or garland in the house? 

We have several variety's of brush offered that we make our products from. Balsam is good for outdoor use. Fraser and cedar are perfect for outdoor or indoor use - especially over a fireplace.

25. What kind of entertainment do you offer? 

Experience of cutting your our own, hot cocoa, hot cider, & coffee. We have an indoor gingerbread playhouse house for your kids to play in while you shop. Watch us make fresh wreaths garland, and other live greens, pick a tree with a name, walk through the magical gift shop filled with sweet aromas. We also have several sleighs for the family to take pictures in. Santa Clause also makes a random appearance and brings his reindeer once a year!

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