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2023 Season

Christmas trees will be available for purchase starting Saturday November 18th

Cut - Your - Own
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Meet Joe, Sarah, & Tom...

Yes, our trees have names!

Each tree in the field is individually tagged, priced, named, measured, and color coordinated. The color coordinations sorted by species 

 Red  = Fraser  

 White  = Balsam 

 Blue  = Spruce

 Orange = Concolor 

 Purple  = Colored Tree 

 Yellow = Cedar - SOLD OUT

This is a tradition that families cherish as they go and seek a perfect tree with a relative or friends name and pave a path for a great story. (Note: pictured tags are representation and don't replace the same price from year to year). 


Services Offered

Shaking ~ FREE ~ Removes all dirt and loose needles from tree

Baling ~ $3 ~ Easier transport and installment into home

Delivery ~ $25+ ~ Deliver to Green Bay and NE Wisconsin - Minimum $25 plus $1 per mile round trip


String to tie your tree on vehicle

Drilling a hole in the bottom of the tree for tree stands with spikes

Give your tree a fresh cut

2,000 sq ft. indoor tree arena

Additional Parking

Have a question? Look for the guys in green!
Tips are appreciated

We love furry friends


No need to clean up after them, they fertilize the trees! :)

Choose & Cut Trees

Choose & Cut

Enjoy the family tradition and cut your own Christmas tree.

Select from hundreds of Christmas trees neatly planted in 70 acres of rolling hills. Below are the different types of trees available for choose and cut. Each species provides a uniqueness to fit your family's needs. Our fields are groomed all year for easy access without the hassle of weeds or tall grass.

Open Daily starting Nov. 18th 9am - 4:30pm until sold out

Cut your own fields for 2022 is sold out for the season. We still  have wreaths, garland, live greens, and gifts available!


Fraser Fir -

Sold Out


Balsam Fir -

Sold Out


Black Hill Spruce



Concolor Fir -

Sold Out

Walk through our 50 acres of rolling hills with ease to find the perfect tree. We groom our fields all year round to ensure they are ready to use for you and your family. 
Pre - Cut Trees

Pre-Cut Trees

Pre-cuts for 2022 is sold out for the season. We still  have wreaths, garland, live greens, and gifts available!

Open Daily starting Nov. 18th 9am - 7pm

For your convenience, we have precut trees displayed in our 2,000 sq. ft. indoor lighted arena

Colored Trees

Colored Trees

We started colored trees in 2016. The paint is a specific formula just for Christmas trees and is a latex based paint that is safe for you, your children, and your pets. Colored Trees are on a first come first serve basis. We can only spray Spruce and Fraser. Balsam and other trees do not yield good results. 

This year we are offering 10 different colors as shown below close up and the finished product




0 - 3

3.5 - 4

4.5 - 5

5.5 - 6

6.5 - 7

7.5 - 8

8.5 - 9

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